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CALL FOR VIDEO COMPETITION: Meeting my Neighbour!.

"Linking variety of lives together!"

In the last 3 years Turkey has been experiencing a complicated time with a variety of challenges related to the multicultural society with a great number of individuals coming from neighboring areas in conflict such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan etc. Turkey has been actively trying to help them feel safe and comfortable by opening camps and providing necessary life conditions, simplifying procedures for residence permit etc. Amongst the those individuals which live with local citizens there still is a huge gap in communication and feelings such as xenophobia, nationalism and intolerant behavior, fear and conflicts which are still predominant.

The Video Competition is launched to concentrate on the importance of tolerance, breaking stereotypes, promoting mutual respect between neighbors. It is granted by Anna Lindh Foundation upon the submission of the project prepared by System and Generation Association - S&G as applicant with the ref: Call for proposals “Network Intercultural Actions” ALF/NIA/2015/01.

The aim is to promote and increase mutual respect between the Turkish citizens and forced youth from diverse minorities who are tackling with social and cultural challenges by developing intercultural neighbor’s dialogue with involvement of Network Members as partner from 3 major cities of Turkey - Eskisehir, Antalya and Ankara. Young people from all over Turkey have the chance to participate in this video competition.


The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To involve young people to dialogue with their neighbors who are coming from different cultures, religions, social backgrounds.
  • The participants should prepare a practical record of their communication by using the method of Participatory Video.
  • To increase the level of knowledge, tolerance and sympathy of local citizens and those individuals about cultural diversity in their community and focus on common values, traditions etc.
  • All of this will be done by promoting the video based on real life stories of those individuals and their life in the foreign country.

Jury and prizes for the winners:

The submitted videos will be viewed by jury, made of 4 representatives of the partner’s organizations and 4 youngsters from the same organizations. They will decide if the submitted videos are appropriate and which one deserves to win a prize. In case of tie vote, the S&G’s representative has the right to vote twice.

In August, the best videos will be shown in the video festival “Dialogue between Neighbours” in the 3 partner cities: Ankara, Eskisehir and Antalya. Their creators will be invited to participate in the festivals. During the festivals we will organize workshops for the participants and guests.

The best 3 videos will be shown on the ALF Forum in Malta in October.2016

All participants will receive Certificate of Attendance and the best 3 videos will be awarded as follows:

  • 3rd place: Participation in Youth Exchange / Training course with S&G
  • 2nd place: Participation in YO!Fest in Strasburg - 20-21.May.2016
  • 1st place: Participation in ALF Forum in Malta in October.2016 (Awaiting confirmation from the partners)

Partners of the Project:

  • Sistem ve Jenerasyon Derneği - S&G (Applicant)
  • 2N İnovasyon Araştırma ve Geliştirme Yaz. Tic.Ltd.Şti.
  • Association of Civil Society and “Development Institute (ACSDI)
  • Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV)
  • EU Activities Centre Association
  • Turkey Disable Education and Solidarity foundation (ÖZEV)
  • Eskişehir Mevlevihanesi Cultural Association
  • Akdeniz University Euromed Youth Centre

If you need further information please send email to meetingmyneighbor@systemandgeneration.eu until 21st of March. The most frequently asked questions will be disclosed on 22nd of March,2016 at the webpage of the project.